Diferencijalni RF detektor

DeltaV je ručni,  širokopojasni, diferencijalni detektor jakosti RF polja. Za razliku od većine detektora koji mjere apsolutnu vrijednost jakosti polja, DeltaV mjeri vrijednost promjene jakosti polja.

Ideal for use in areas with high RF activity, this techniqueprovides a high degree of rejection of strong distant signal sources, providinggreater discrimination against outside signals. The result is accurate location ofactive radio listening devices, wherever the meeting.A Push Button is provided to reduce the sensitivity of Delta V whilst workingclose to a local transmitter. This prevents a maximum response occurring too farfrom a transmitter to locate the source accurately.Portable, quick and simple to use, Delta V is the ideal tool for quick location ofactive listening devices.

User Benefits:

  • Measures the rate of change in fieldstrength,allowing active transmittersto be easily identified in areas with high RF activity
  • Push-button sensitivity reduction toallow more accurate pinpointing ofactive transmitters
  • Easy to operate for non-technical users
  • Silent Operation option so that detection can be as discreet as theuser chooses
  • Highly versatile, ideal for locatingradio bugs, basic RFI/EMC testingand localising illegal high-powerbroadcast transmitters

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